Thursday, 1 August 2013

Blogger. What? (Download link to the original LoD Mod)

Thanks to RageStarStudios for his help:

July 31, 2013
Patch 3.10
First version of the mod is released.
Download here:

Modder’s notes:
- I want to emphasize that this is to use at your own risk. But I want to inform everyone on a particular issue I've encountered while testing out my mod:
If a new League patch comes out, it would be safe to close Dargon from the system tray before patching. I can't say much about SIU since I don't use it often.
Also, back up the folder "lol_game_client" in case something breaks while patching. Just close Dargon Manager (exit it from the system tray), place the back up folder back into original directory and then patch.
After patching, back up the folder again, then open up Dargon Manager again.

C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_game­­_client

- This is just the first version of the mod. I still plan on continuing it since I have contributors (VAs and Photoshoppers) helping me with this. I haven’t included their work yet in my mod, but I promised to release it after 3.10/Reworked Master Yi.
- As long as people still enjoy this mod and I continue to get support (Gangplank raise morale), I’ll keep updating this mod.
- It may be safer to uninstall the mod when a patch is released (and close Dargon from the system tray)

- Dravenize Lucian when he is released.
- Dravenize the wards.
- Add splash arts/loading screens
- Include Champion select voice actors

Known issues:
- Heimer's turrets are not Dravenized even though I did them. perhaps a problem with the directories?
- It may just be me, but Howling Abyss doesn't work for me when I have the mod on.

Troubleshooting: Q: there has been a mistake with DargonD A: Try going into the Dargon folder and run the Dargon.exe program. Sometimes, this won't work, so try reinstalling Dargon or restarting your computer. Also, sometimes, this problem will go away on its own. Dargon is still kinda sketchy (I didn't make this program) Try asking the creator of Dargon for help if everything fails. Q: Form is incomplete while installing Dargon. What do I do? A: 8 seconds into the video. The form is incomplete. On the second box (the middle one), you need to create the folder "DargonMods" at the appropriate directory. If you do that, the red square around it should turn green, meaning that the form is complete. Q: How do I remove the mod? A: Right click the mod in Dargon and select "Delete Mod." FOr SIU, select the mod you want to uninstall, and press" uninstall. Q: There's only one folder: "Dravenized Champions." I thought there were 4 folders. A: I put the "Dravenized Jungle" and "Dravenized Turrets" into the "Dravenized Champions" and "Dravenized Champions (SIU)" folders. I combined them to make it easier for everyone.

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