Thursday, 22 August 2013

League of Draven Mod Lucian Update (also some Champion Select Audio Draven mods) and Megaman Ezreal

So I Dravenized Lucian, Wards, and Poros in this update to my mod.
In addition, I have some modded champion select audio courtesy of and Natsumii and Helix Mantis.

Check out their channels:

Helix Mantis:

Only some of the champions' audio files are modded.

You can view all the new stuffs in this League of Draven Mod update in this video:

Download links:
Lucian Update in Leaguecraft (includes Dravenized Lucian, Poros, and Wards):

You will need to move some folders around before installing, however.

You can, alternatively, re-download my entire up to date mod here (and ignore the above download link)...
RusselZ's League of Draven Mod (3.10a Lucian Update) (Includes the ENTIRE LoD. You can replace the original with this one):

As for my Megaman Ezreal Custom Skin, it's done and all. I'm just prioritizing this update to my mod, since I'm already uploading a bunch of stuffs. Megaman Ezreal will be released for sure tomorrow (at the latest).

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