Monday, 25 November 2013

Skin Installer Ultimate Update

Alright, so Skin Installer Ultimate has been updated so now you can use custom models, meaning that my mods can now be used once again.
Dargon is another skin installer that you can use, but the update still hasn't been released yet.

Download link for SIU:

Note: My League of Draven mod is not up to date. I may update it over my winter break. The last time it was updated was when Lucian was released.
That means, that Jinx, VU Sivir, VU Garen, and VU Nasus are not yet Dravenized.
I would recommend deleting the Sivir, Garen, and Nasus folders when you download my mod before installing it.

Link to League of Draven Mod:

My to-do list:
- Jinx
- Sivir
- Garen
- Nasus
- Regular wards
- Trinkets
- Yasuo when he gets released

Wow that's a lot of stuffs I need to do lol.

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