Friday, 30 August 2013

Slenderman Fiddlesticks (Slendersticks) Custom Skin

Slendersticks Custom Skin has appeared (Remodel and Retexture)
Leaguecraft download:

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Slowing things down a bit...

Hey, just going to let you guys know that custom skin creation may be slowing down. I plan on modelling the skins myself now, which does take some time.
Before, I've simply been using other people's models and editing them to make them work with the Champion's skeleton. But now, I'm going to start from scratch in terms of modelling.

As I said before, I will be uploading a somewhat more variety of videos on Youtube. Maybe that will fill the void?

Thanks for reading and checking out this blog =)


Thursday, 22 August 2013

League of Draven Mod Lucian Update (also some Champion Select Audio Draven mods) and Megaman Ezreal

So I Dravenized Lucian, Wards, and Poros in this update to my mod.
In addition, I have some modded champion select audio courtesy of and Natsumii and Helix Mantis.

Check out their channels:

Helix Mantis:

Only some of the champions' audio files are modded.

You can view all the new stuffs in this League of Draven Mod update in this video:

Download links:
Lucian Update in Leaguecraft (includes Dravenized Lucian, Poros, and Wards):

You will need to move some folders around before installing, however.

You can, alternatively, re-download my entire up to date mod here (and ignore the above download link)...
RusselZ's League of Draven Mod (3.10a Lucian Update) (Includes the ENTIRE LoD. You can replace the original with this one):

As for my Megaman Ezreal Custom Skin, it's done and all. I'm just prioritizing this update to my mod, since I'm already uploading a bunch of stuffs. Megaman Ezreal will be released for sure tomorrow (at the latest).

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Megaman Ezreal and Incoming League of Draven Update

Someone requested a Megaman Ezreal Custom Skin, so I'm making one (it's almost finished). I used Capcom's model, however, so I didn't make the model or texture myself this time.

Also, with the release of the Lucian Champion Spotlight, I'm assuming that he will be released, which means that I will need to Dravenize him in my next update for my League of Draven Mod. Included in the mod update included Dravenized wards and Poros.

Beside creating custom skins for League of Legends, I will be uploading more variety of stuffs on my Youtube channel. Keep a watch out on my channel for things, I guess.

Not much else I really want to post here today...

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Captain Falcon custom skin for Vi (with custom voice overs!)

August 15, 2013
My Captain Falcon custom skin for Vi is finished! (for now)
Unfortunately, the game client folder (the folder containing the Captain Falcon model and particle effects) was too large to upload into Leaguecraft, so I uploaded all the files to Mediafire:

Download link for Captain Falcon Vi (includes Captain Falcon Model, texture, and voice overs):

Video that previews the skin ("Skin Spotlight"):

Show me yo moves!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Where is Lucian??? 【Update: my next custom skin: Captain Falcon for Vi with VOICE OVERS】

August 14, 2013
Okay, so still not much update on the League of Draven Mod. The up-to-date version of the mod is still the original download link (scroll down to my first blog post for the link and FAQs and stuffs).

Riot has stated that it will still be quite a while before Lucian is released, which means that... I'm not going to be doing much with my mod.
Unless there's a persistent issue regarding it (feel free to message me on any of my social networking accounts for help if you have issues), I won't be working on updating my mod yet, since there really isn't much to Dravenize besides Lucian and Poros.

However, this gives me time to work on some more custom skins. My next custom skin that I'm working on will actually be fully modelled and textured by me, rather than just a remake of someone else's work.

I'm sure this custom skin will be quite loved (assuming I actually can do it lol)

Okay, so I kept advancing in my project, and ended up getting some neat stuffs done on it. The mod will have red fire-ish particle effects (as best as I could have done them), Captain Falcon loading screen and HUD icons, and Captain Falcon audio files!
Here is a preview of the Captain Falcon Custom Skin I'm working on for Vi.
(Click on the image to view it in full size)

Check out my Youtube Channel, as I soon will be uploading a video show casing the skin.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Custom Skins and random stuffs

August 11, 2013

I plan on making some more custom skins, like the Hatsune Miku Katarina and the Youmu Konpaku Master Yi skin in the future, but it may be a while before I can actually make one.
I have ideas floating around for new custom skin ideas, but I'm currently busy with stuffs.

Also, I haven't really done much on my League of Draven Mod since all I have left to do now is Lucian and Poros (I finished the wards sometime ago).

I've been busy with this random 3D animation I've been working on since the beginning of summer, so I wanted to keep working on it as I've kinda put it off for a long time in order to work on my League of Draven Mod.

To add to this, I'm also trying to work on my rankings in League of Legends lol.

As for my Youtube channel, I'm probably going to upload whatever on it; most likely League stuffs and some of my 3D animations (although since 3D animations take a while, I won't be uploading stuffs like that as often)

Friday, 9 August 2013

Hatsune Miku Katarina Rework (and reposting for Youmu Konpaku Master Yi Custom Skin)

A few people actually asked me to do this, and so I reworked the Hatsune custom skin that no longer works. Check it out here:


Leaguecraft download link:

In other news, I Dravenized the wards for my League of Draven mod. I'm also now working on a rather random animation (not related to league, but still rather entertaining to a point)


Check out my previous custom skin rework: Youmu Konpaku Master Yi!


Leaguecraft download link:

Also, as a final note, I just noticed how bad my skills have dropped in LoL.
I need to work on improving it =/

Monday, 5 August 2013

Just writing another blog/trying to figure out how this blogger works.

August 4, 2013
Some stuff I fixed regarding the previous release:
1) Dravenized Heimerdinger's Turrets.
2) I found a way to actually export a Jayce remodel, so now Jayce will be properly Dravenized.

Currently, I'm working on a custom skin for Master Yi. Actually, I'm just reworking it:

This skin doesn't work properly any more due to the Yi rework, but I'm going to fix that, as well as animating the skirt so the legs don't go through.

I have finished the Youmu Konpaku Custom Skin for Master Yi

Leaguecraft (download it here):


Update: I'm reworking the Miku Hatsune Katarina skin. Apparently, no one has done it yet, and since I'm a Miku fan (not a big fan, but still a fan), I thought it'd be fun to do it.
So, my to-do list so far:
- Dravenize wards
- Dravenize Lucian
- Rework Miku Hatsune Skin


Also, for those going to PAX Prime, check out
The Blue Pill is a gaming website that should be up sometime after PAX Prime. The website creator will be advertising it during the convention, too.

Anyhoo, remember to check this blog if you'd like to keep up to date with my mod and stuffs. =)

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Blogger. What? (Download link to the original LoD Mod)

Thanks to RageStarStudios for his help:

July 31, 2013
Patch 3.10
First version of the mod is released.
Download here:

Modder’s notes:
- I want to emphasize that this is to use at your own risk. But I want to inform everyone on a particular issue I've encountered while testing out my mod:
If a new League patch comes out, it would be safe to close Dargon from the system tray before patching. I can't say much about SIU since I don't use it often.
Also, back up the folder "lol_game_client" in case something breaks while patching. Just close Dargon Manager (exit it from the system tray), place the back up folder back into original directory and then patch.
After patching, back up the folder again, then open up Dargon Manager again.

C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_game­­_client

- This is just the first version of the mod. I still plan on continuing it since I have contributors (VAs and Photoshoppers) helping me with this. I haven’t included their work yet in my mod, but I promised to release it after 3.10/Reworked Master Yi.
- As long as people still enjoy this mod and I continue to get support (Gangplank raise morale), I’ll keep updating this mod.
- It may be safer to uninstall the mod when a patch is released (and close Dargon from the system tray)

- Dravenize Lucian when he is released.
- Dravenize the wards.
- Add splash arts/loading screens
- Include Champion select voice actors

Known issues:
- Heimer's turrets are not Dravenized even though I did them. perhaps a problem with the directories?
- It may just be me, but Howling Abyss doesn't work for me when I have the mod on.

Troubleshooting: Q: there has been a mistake with DargonD A: Try going into the Dargon folder and run the Dargon.exe program. Sometimes, this won't work, so try reinstalling Dargon or restarting your computer. Also, sometimes, this problem will go away on its own. Dargon is still kinda sketchy (I didn't make this program) Try asking the creator of Dargon for help if everything fails. Q: Form is incomplete while installing Dargon. What do I do? A: 8 seconds into the video. The form is incomplete. On the second box (the middle one), you need to create the folder "DargonMods" at the appropriate directory. If you do that, the red square around it should turn green, meaning that the form is complete. Q: How do I remove the mod? A: Right click the mod in Dargon and select "Delete Mod." FOr SIU, select the mod you want to uninstall, and press" uninstall. Q: There's only one folder: "Dravenized Champions." I thought there were 4 folders. A: I put the "Dravenized Jungle" and "Dravenized Turrets" into the "Dravenized Champions" and "Dravenized Champions (SIU)" folders. I combined them to make it easier for everyone.