Saturday, 12 October 2013

League of Draven Music - Get Dravinxed

I did this for a few reasons:
- I wanted to and I had some free time.
- It felt appropriate since Draven (A Twist of Draven) is what helped me start my channel.
- I couldn't work on mods still since there's still not update on it.
- Draaaaaaaven.

So, check out this video if you want ;)
 League of Draven Music - Get Dravinxed

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Another blog post

I haven't written a post in a while now, so I guess I'll just post what's up.

- Still not sure when the mods will be fixed, but I hope it's not too long after Jinx is released since I'd like to Dravenize her. Speaking on which, I wonder how many people are still going to use my mod once the modding issues are fixed. Bleh, whatever; I'm going to keep updating it whenever possible.
- I've been mainly working on school stuffs and in my spare time, either playing League of Legends or working on my own projects.
- I'm also trying to keep my Youtube channel going. Things are going at a steady pace or whatever.
- Back to my "own projects," and Youtube, I downloaded this program and I'm playing around with it, so I'm going to be uploading stuffs once I get a decent amount of things finished with it (it's a music Studio Program, by the way).

To end this post, here's a game of League of Legends that I played where I managed to complete the Secondary Quest between Kha'Zix and Rengar: "The Hunt is On."
We were already winning and ahead of them, so it was easy for me to win this quest. The Kha'Zix then said something that made me LOL hard.

- Russel☆Z